Spoken English Fluency Exercise 2.3:
Type I and Type II verbs

(Refer to lesson 1.0 for information on type I and II verbs)
There is one exception when making questions using the Type
I/Type II explanation provided in Lesson 1.
The words "who" and "what" can be used as subject.
Here are some examples to illustrate the difference.

Who as Subject: Who is going to talk to her?

Who as Object: Who is he going to talk to?

What as subject: What is causing the problem?

What as object: What is the traffic accident causing?

It is important to recognize this distinction because the form for
asking questions with Type II verbs is different when "who" or
"what" is used as the subject. Here are some examples.

As you can see, when "what" or "who" is the subject of a
question, it doesn't require the question word "do". The question
word takes the place of the subject and no more steps are
necessary. Below is the transcript for audio lesson 2.3.

english-fluency.com English Lesson 2.3 Subject versus object
Wh- questions


You will be given a sentence and prompted to make a question.
You must use the appropriate question form depending on
whether the question involves a subject or an object. As usual,
you will be given a brief period to reply and then the correct
answer will be modeled for you.

1. They eat fish on Friday
Who (subject)   What (object)

2. The hurricane causes damage in the city.
What (subject)  Where

3. She plays music with friends.
Who (subject)   Who (object)

4. Car accidents create congestion on the expressway.
What (subject)   What (object)

5. She complains to the manager about the policy.
Who (subject)   Who (object)

6. Rain leaks through the roof all the time.
What (subject) Where

7. They put him in charge of the project.
Who (subject)   Who (object)

8. The tragedy left us mystified.
Who (subject)     Who (object)
Who as subject: Who gave the information to her.

Who as object:   Who did he give the information to?
What as subject: What made The test so difficult?

What as object: What did the questions make so difficult?
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